The travel insurance guide for 2022 has been released by Arch RoamRight.

Arch RoamRight, a trademark of Arch Insurance Company (Arch Insurance), has released its 2022 Travel Insurance Playbook, a guide that offers insights into travel insurance trends and what travelers can expect in the future.

Arch RoamRight, which was founded in 2012, provides travel insurance for leisure, corporate, student, and group travelers doing domestic and foreign trips.

Predictive travel statistics are included in the most recent Travel Insurance Playbook, including a prognosis of what travelers are searching for post-COVID-19 pandemic, as well as top destinations for vacations scheduled in 2022. It also assists travel advisors and tour operators in gaining a better understanding of travel insurance buyer journeys and profiles, including demographics and spending preferences.

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The Travel Insurance Playbook by Arch RoamRight contains case studies demonstrating common scenarios in which travel insurance and travel consultants came to the rescue. In-depth interviews demonstrate the value, knowledge, and skill that travel advisors bring to travelers as they plan and enjoy their journeys.

“We are excited about the current expansion of the tourism sector as well as what is still to come.” “The 2022 Travel Insurance Playbook has a variety of travel statistics, case studies, and more to assist travel advisors and tour operators optimize their travel insurance programs,” said Tim Dodge, vice president of Arch Insurance’s travel, accident, and health marketing. “The prospect for ongoing increase in domestic and international travel is encouraging, as shown in this year’s playbook.”

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