International Citizens Insurance Announces the Best Summer Travel Plans for 2022

Included are the best plan for seniors, pet-friendly travel options, and the best adventure sports insurance, among other things.

The best travel insurance plans for summer travel in 2022 have been announced by International Citizens Insurance, the largest international insurance broker. This list could not have arrived at a better moment for travelers wishing to protect their trip plans and their cash, given the recent spate of aircraft and cruise cancellations.

“This summer’s travel season promises tremendous demand and a significant risk of travel interruptions,” said Joe Cronin, President of International Citizens Insurance. “Travelers seek reliable travel insurance that can assist them in the event of a flight cancellation, delay, lost luggage, natural disaster, or having to rearrange plans owing to a positive COVID test.” They will be able to identify the greatest overall travel insurance as well as the best one for their specific needs using this list.”

Each firm and plan were evaluated based on six main criteria: the user-friendliness of their website, the convenience of purchasing a policy, the number of countries in which policies are available, the breadth of benefits, the ease of filing a claim, and the quality of the company’s customer care. WorldTrips, one of the first insurers to offer plans for purchase over the Internet, GeoBlue Insurance, which helps seniors with coverage for adults up to 84 years old, and Trawick International, which covers over 500 adventure sports activities, are among the most trusted insurers.

In order to assist clients in locating the most appropriate insurance for their needs. International Citizens Insurance has also recognized the finest insurance for a variety of use cases, including cancellation insurance, travel medical insurance with COVID-19 coverage, and adventure sports insurance. They’ve also figured out which programs are best for clients with unique needs, such as seniors, missionaries and volunteers, US residents living overseas, digital nomads, and pet owners.


to learn more about the finest travel insurance companies. .Insurance for International CitizensInternational Citizens Group’s insurance division is known as International Citizens Insurance. They offer unique comparison engines that allow travelers and expats to find, compare, and buy international health, life, travel, and expatriate insurance from a range of foreign carriers.

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