Halloween in a campervan: 5 suggestions

Use Halloween decorations to transform your camper van into a spooky house.

Decorating your campervan with Halloween decorations is the best way to get into the Halloween mood! Consider taking your last year’s Halloween decorations with you if you hire a campervan from Indie Campers in October. Some decorations will provide a frightening vibe to your campervan.

Another option is to decorate your camper on the spot: if you’re traveling with little children, you may prepare activities like pumpkin carving, spider webs made of cotton wool, paper garlands, and ghost silhouettes. You’ll be enhancing the enjoyment of your journey as well as the appearance of your mobile home.

Go trick-or-treating through the campsite on Halloween.

“Trick or Treating” isn’t just for kids in the United States; it’s also popular in Europe and at campgrounds! Kids may still dress up, march around the yards, and knock on the campervan doors of their park neighbors. You may also include crafts, games, and scary areas, but don’t forget to buy candy for the other trick-or-treaters.

Pumpkins and Halloween celebrations bring campers together.

You can join Vail Lake’s Famous Halloween Weekends at Temecula / Vail Lake KOA, which includes decorating contests, a pumpkin patch, costume contests for all ages, pet costume contests, golf cart decorating contests, a Halloween-themed Barrel Train, pumpkin carving/painting, and other Halloween crafts and activities for kids.

Look for a pumpkin farm or roadside vegetable stands on your way there if you prefer to stay at a more peaceful and out-of-the-way campground, and pick the best pumpkins to carve. At the campsite, you may ask other tourists if they would like to build pumpkin lanterns with you, or you can simply do it with your loved ones. Draw a design on the inside of your pumpkin after it has been cored. Hollow out your pumpkin and organize a contest to see who can carve the most impressive pumpkin lamp. For a crispy snack, you may even toast the seeds over a campfire.

A campfire and ghost stories

Without a campfire, what would a camping trip be? Many campgrounds feature fixed fireplaces where you may create a roaring bonfire. It will not only help bring your horror stories to life, but it will also be a great way to cook marshmallows. This will assist you in creating the ideal setting for spooky ghost stories. You can add effects like music, a flickering flashlight, and even an assistant to sneak up behind your visitors for a fright if you want to go the additional mile.

Horror films on a campsite

Bring a portable projector and a white bedsheet to the campsite and watch your favorite horror film with your friends or neighbors. You may effortlessly drape the sheet over your camper van to create your own ghost cinema.

A spooky touch is to weave plastic spiders into the webs.

Don’t forget your popcorn if you want to make the experience even better! You may use a saucepan or a gas oven; all you need is oil or butter, maize seeds, and a cover! Continue to shake the pot a little to keep the corn from sticking to the bottom. Then, depending on your preference, add sugar or salt.

Pro tip: To make it even sweeter, melt marshmallows in a skillet and add green food coloring. Wait until the green mixture has cooled before pouring it over the popcorn.

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