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10 Best places to visit in Brazil

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best places to visit in brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America which covers almost half of the continent. This is a World Famous Country which owns amazing golden sandy beaches that run for thousands of kilometers. Here are the 10 best places to visit in Brazil. Enjoy the article and share your experience with us.

Brazil is also famous for many sports like football and also for Brazilian foods. Brazil celebrates the most famous and popular carnival festivals in the world. Rio is the so far best place to visit in Brazil.

01. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the most visited city in South America which surrounded by famous mountains, landmarks, beaches, and the Carnival festivals. world’s largest Carnivals with vibrant parades, costumes, dancing, music, fireworks, and street parties also celebrate in this Rio city.

best places to visit in Brazil
Rio De Janeiro view

02. Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro

Cristo Redentor is a colossal Art Deco statue of Christ With 28 meters outstretched arms and it encompasses all of humanity. It is 709-meter height and Completed in 1931. This is one of the most readily recognized icons in Brazil.

best places to visit in Brazil
Cristo Redentor

03. Iguaçu Falls

Iguaçu Falls consists of 247 waterfalls which drops spectacularly as a semicircle. This amazing waterfall located in the place where Brazil meets Paraguay, and Argentina. Some of the falls are more than 100 meters high and they cover a broad area. There are two viewpoints to enjoy the waterfalls and travelers plan to visit both points.

best places to visit in Brazil
Iguaçu Falls

04. Salvador

This is a beautiful historic old city with beautiful beaches situated on the coast of the Bay of All Saints. Salvador is the third-largest city in Brazil and one of the oldest cities in the Americas. One of the best of Salvador is, they celebrate one of the world’s biggest Carnival celebrations. Salvador beaches are ideal for sunbathing, swimming and surfing and this is one of the 10 best places to visit in Brazil.

best places to visit in Brazil

05. Olinda

Olinda is one of the best-preserved colonial cities in the world located on the Atlantic Coast in the northeastern state of Pernambuco. Olinda’s festival is the best happening show which features music, dances, and traditions. colonial churches, colorful old houses, restaurants, museums, and numerous artisan studios are few best places to visit in Olinda.

best places to visit in Brazil

06. Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and one of the largest cities in the world according to population. This Sao Paulo is famous for its skyscrapers, gastronomy, and robust culture scene. Also, there are lots of public parks. Sao Paulo also called the financial center of Brazil.

best places to visit in Brazil

07. Amazon Rain Forests

Amazon Rain Forests is the world’s largest tropical rain forest covering much of northwestern Brazil and extending into Colombia, Peru, and other South American countries. You can take boat rides to Amazon from Brazil side and do a few other things.

best places to visit in Brazil

08. Copacabana

Copacabana is a Bairro located in the South Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro and famous for its 4 km long Balneario beach. The beach isn’t just for show and It’s also a popular playground filled with sun-worshipers, swimmers, and kids building sand castles whenever the weather is fine.

best places to visit in Brazil

09. Recife

Recife is one of the largest and most important cities in Brazil. It consists of numerous waterways and bridges and because of that Recife is known as the “Venice of Brazil”. Recife is a popular tourist destination because of its historic old town, beaches, and vibrant culture.

best places to visit in Brazil

10. Brasilia

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil from 1960 and located in the Brazilian Highlands. This is the fourth largest city of Brazil. Its urban design was like of an airplane shape created by Architect Lucio Costa. This is one of the best places to visit in Brazil.

best places to visit in Brazil

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